Why Can't I Lose Weight

Most advice on losing weight successfully focuses on how to combat 'emotional eating' but such an approach is useless for the many overweight people who do not overeat. There are many hormonal and biochemical factors that can prevent weight loss despite following the standard 'healthy eating' low fat/low calorie weight loss diet. More about what the latest research tells us about how to overcome these hormonal and biochemical barriers to weight loss is available at

The Stone Age Diet

The Stone Age Diet is often prescribed for those who have been diagnosed with, or are suspected of having, food allergies or food sensitivities. Most practitioners have their favoured version of the Stone Age Diet, but they all have in common a drastically restricted number of permitted foods, many of which will be unfamiliar. A specialist cookbook such as the 'Stone Age Diet is Easy' cookbook at is often therefore recommended as an essential tool for success with the diet.

How to make low carb bread

Low carb almond bread recipe

Beat the egg in a small microwaveable bowl. Add the melted butter, ground almonds and baking powder and stir well. Microwave on high for about 2 minutes until risen and starting to come away from the sides of the bowl.

Loosen the edges with a knife if necessary and turn out onto a wire rack. After a minute or so, use a sharp knife to cut horizontally into 4 slices.

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