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31 April 2012 The calorie or metabolic advantage with low carb diets, chewing gum and diet pop on low carb diets
30 January 2012 hCG Diet Success, new hCG Diet Guide published and Why Can't I Lose Weight and Low Carb Cookbook updates released. Caffeine and salami on low carb.
29 October 2011 Not losing weight in ketosis, the hCG Diet
28 January 2011 Fructose, HFCS, diabetes, weight loss and high blood pressure, not losing weight on a low GI diet
27 December 2010 Christmas diet; lack of willpower; low carb Christmas recipes; carbohydrate-intolerant
26 September 2010 Exercise and obesity; low carb menus
25 April 2010 Low carb recipes; cooking low carb; calories and starvation mode; metabolic advantage
24 February 2010 Successful weight loss - the importance of the right diet; low carb bread; low carb and diabetes; daily carbohydrate intake
23 December 2009 Low carb and low GI diets at Christmas and New Year; low carb bread making; daily carb intake for weight loss and diabetes
22 September 2009 Low carb diets for type 2 diabetes; grinding flax seeds; low carb bread making
21 June 2009 Atkins Diet for epilepsy; Atkins Diet for seizures; losing weight with thyroid and back problems
20 March 2009 Diabetes diet; apple peel; diabetes, gall bladder and beans
19 January 2009 Lose weight and get healthy with the right diet; low carb/low GI cookbook survey; easy low carb and low GI tips; slow weight loss on Atkins
18 November 2008 Weight gain at Christmas; weight loss in 4 weeks; facts about honey
17 August 2008 Vitamin D, sunlight and sunscreen; fat soluble vitamins; not losing weight due to eating too little
16 May 2008 Weight loss diets come full circle; tomatoes and lycopene; barriers to losing weight
15 March 2008 Fast weight loss - or long term health?; why a low carb or low GI diet may be more healthy for you; carb values and fibre
14 February 2008 Sinusitis and fungal infections; do we need special diet foods; low carb bread and breakfast recipes
13 January 2008 Lose weight and get healthy the smart way; combat heart disease and diabetes with diet, not pills; why we need fiber; lose weight and be slim fast
12 November 2007 Christmas Recipes; Food Sensitivities; Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and osteoporosis; not losing weight on a low GI diet
11 September 2007 Diet killers and how to avoid them; toxic cosmetics and toiletries; diet plateaus
10 August 2007 Slow weight loss; breastfeeding, obesity and pregnancy weight; gaining weight on Atkins Induction
09 July 2007 Anorexia; stretching; overweight pets; daily carb allowance
08 May 2007 E-numbers and food additives; Hoodia; lap band and gastric bypass surgery; weight loss and your liver
07 April 2007 Low thyroid; vitamin D; polyols
06 March 2007 Best diet; omega-3s; Atkins Induction
05 February 2007 Soya, lactase deficiency, protein powders
04 January 2007 Weight Loss Diets
03 December 2006 Diets at Christmas and Food Allergies
02 November 2006 What's Wrong With Our Healthy Eating Advice?