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Newsletter 01, May 2006

Low GI diets

As the media hype surrounding low carb diets starts to subside, low GI diets have started to take their place in the media eye. But are they really as different as their proponents would have us believe? And will they work for everyone? After all, Dr Atkins teaches that everyone has their own critical level of carbohydrate, and many people know from experience that their level is very low - too low to include the low GI diet's wholegrains, legumes, starchy vegetables or fruit on a regular basis. The view at Low Carb is is that low GI diets definitely have their place - but they might not be right for everyone. However, understanding concepts such as the difference between glycemic index and glycemic load can be difficult, and conflicting claims by low carb and low GI diet authors create further confusion. With this in mind, Low Carb is has set up a sister site at to help potential dieters choose the right diet for them, and to help low carbers who are considering moving to a low GI diet understand the pros and cons. Do let us know if you think we have missed out any important points, or got anything wrong - we like to be constantly improving the quality of our information.

The Low Carb is Easy Cookbook

The Low Carb is Easy Cookbook continues to expand - now boasting 105 quick, easy and mouthwatering recipes. Specialising in low carb versions of 'difficult' recipes such as breads, scones, cookies, cakes, pies, pastry and desserts, it also includes a wide range of main courses and snacks. We are proud to say that the Cookbook is now being used in 13 countries - with ingredients shown in cups as well as metric and imperial measures, it's suitable for dieters everywhere. Here's the link:

Free Menu Plans

If you're new to low carbing (or just getting bored with your current menus), check out the free 14-day Atkins menu plans at

Free sugar conversion chart

We've also put a handy reference sugar/artificial sweetener conversion chart on our home page at (but you'll have to conquer our puzzle to get it, unless you're already a Low Carb Cookbook owner...)

Low carb research and other topics

If you're looking for information on a low carb research or medical issue, or just have some time to read some fascinating articles, don't forget to visit the Low Carb is reference section. For instance, here you can read about how the Atkins Lifestyle fits with the newly revised US Government Dietary Guidelines, see a helpful presentation on glycemic index and glycemic load, or browse many of the low carb 'classics' such as Gary Taubes' article "What if it's all been a big fat lie?"

With best wishes for your continued good health

Founder Director, Good Diet Good

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