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Insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions

Are you paying too much for insurance or
having trouble getting covered?

  • Do you think you are paying too much for your life insurance because you are overweight or diabetic?
  • Have you ever been refused cover for life insurance because of pre-existing medical conditions?

Being overweight or suffering from diabetes are just two of the most common conditions which can send your insurance premiums sky high, or even prevent you from getting insurance at all.

If you are overweight, diabetic or have other pre-existing medical conditions, then requesting quotes through a specialized broker is likely to find you a much better deal than going to the standard insurers direct. Specialist brokers will not only be able to get quotes from many different insurers, they also have access to specialist companies that may offer cover where the main insurers cannot.

The Insurance Surgery is one of the UK's leading independent insurance advisors to clients with pre-existing medical conditions and has many years of experience in finding competitive insurance for clients who suffer from obesity, diabetes and other illnesses.

"As a client with a medical condition I was pleased to obtain cover from a top flight insurer, other agents had said obtaining cover from a decent company would be 'impossible' or 'difficult'."

"The end result was 'affordable' premiums saving about 40% on direct quotes from insurance companies. Many thanks for your help."

There's no cost to you for this service - quotes are free. The Insurance Surgery is paid a commission by the insurance company that receives your business, if you decide to go ahead with a quote that The Insurance Surgery provides for you.

insurance for diabetes and other pre existing medical conditionsMake sure you are getting the best deal by checking your life insurance needs with The Insurance Surgery (service currently only available to UK residents).