Your diet is the key to your good health

Jackie Bushell, Founder Director, Good Diet Good

At Good Diet Good, our aim is to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition for long term health
  • Increase recognition of the benefits of a holistic approach to illness which treats root causes rather than symptoms
  • Contribute to a better understanding of the science of losing weight
  • Raise awareness of the impact of environmental toxins on our health
  • Provide unbiased information and practical tools to help those looking for diet and nutrition-related solutions

I welcome you to explore the information on this site, and the websites it links to, on your journey to good health.

Good Diet Good

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Articles on diet, nutrition and health

Over 30 articles on a wide range of health topics, with a focus on how diet affects our health.

Newsletter archive

The 'Good Diet Good Health' Blog

A blog containing information on diet, nutrition and health.

Helpful videos

Some useful videos on subjects such as why you may not be able to lose weight, all about the Stone Age Diet, and how to make low-carb bread.

Previews of our other diet and health websites...

Low carb information and recipes...

A selection of resources help you to evaluate whether a low carb diet is suitable for you, plus diet and menu plans, a guide to low carb diets and an innovative low carb cookbook.

Weight loss

Information about how to lose weight and some of the factors that may be preventing weight loss.

Stone Age Diet Cookbook

If you are following a Stone Age-style allergy or exclusion diet...


Low carb information and recipes

Why You Should Consider a Low Carb or Low GI

"Why You Should Consider a Low Carb or Low GI Diet"

A free e-book explaining why a low carb or low GI diet may not only be more effective in helping you to lose weight, it may also be better for your long term health too.

The Easy Guide to Low Carb, Low GI and Low GL Diets

"Easy Guide to Low Carb, Low GI and Low GL Diets"

A quick and easy guide to all you need to know about how low carb, low GI and low GL diets differ from the conventional low calorie/low fat diet and the science behind them, how to choose the best diet for you, how to do your chosen diet and tips for getting started.

Comes with:

  • Atkins, low carb, low GI and low GL menu plans

Atkins, low carb, low GI, low GL menu plans

Atkins diet plan, Atkins menu plan, low GI and low GL menu plan

Our 14-day menu plans for Atkins induction and other low carb diets, and 21-day low GI and GL diet menu plans are ideal for helping to keep you on your diet. Designed by an experienced dieter, the menus are all original and help you expand your ideas of how you can eat on carbohydrate-restricted diets without falling into the boredom trap.

The Low Carb is Easy Cookbook

The Low Carb is Easy Cookbook

A cookbook for those following Atkins, LCHF (low carb high fat) and other low carb, low GI (glycemic index) and low GL (glycemic load) diets. The cookbook can be used in both conventional cookbook and 'recipe software' mode. Interactive online features include the ability to personalise your own ingredients and quantities, modify and create your own recipes, and access the saved recipes from anywhere in the world.

Comes with:

  • The Easy Guide to Low Carb, Low GI and Low GL Diets
  • GI & GL Handy Reference Tables
  • Atkins, low carb, low GI and low GL menu plans

Report: Low Carb, Healthy Easting and Obesity

Low Carb, Healthy Eating and Obesity

A report for the food industry on the opportunities and implications arising from the switch from conventional low calorie / low fat diets to low carb and low GI diets.


Weight loss

Why Can't I Lose Weight

"Why Can't I Lose Weight - The Real Reasons Diets Fail And What to Do About It"

A comprehensive book which explains weight loss problems such as diet plateaus and depressed metabolism, and how to overcome them. Contains the top 15 reasons why people may not be able to lose weight, even when dieting and/or exercising. Relevant for anyone on a diet or thinking about going on a diet, whether low carb, low GI, low calorie, low fat or any other kind of weight loss diet.

Comes with:

  • Health-Savvy Supermarket Shopping - a guide to nutrition labels and which products to avoid at the supermarket
  • Understanding fat burners
  • Further resources and weight loss know-how

"I found this book to be filled with practical medically-based answers to many of the questions about weight loss, plateaus, healthy fat loss, metabolism and why the weight so often comes back no matter how 'good' I am on my diet. Jackie Bushell introduces her readers to current, relevant and proven facts about low calorie, low fat, low carb, and low glycemic diets. This book helps clear the fog of myths and unsupported claims and shine a logical, detailed light on diet and healthy weight loss facts. 'Why Can't I Lose Weight' contains a lot of common sense and medically supported nutritional information that is applicable to a great many frustrated dieters, just like myself. I experienced many "ah-ha!" moments while reading through the pages. I especially recommend this book to anyone who suspects there could be an underlying health issue causing them to be resistant to weight loss."
Cherié Davidson, USA


Following a Stone Age-style allergy or exclusion diet?

The Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook

The Stone Age Diet is Easy Cookbook

A cookbook for those following Stone Age-style allergy, exclusion, elimination, rotation and other special diets. All recipes are wheat free, corn free, soya free, gluten free and yeast free. Recipes for bread made with flours such as millet, buckwheat, tapioca, quinoa and gram flour are included.

  • How to get started
  • Bread recipes
  • Cake and biscuit recipes
  • Dessert recipes
  • Menu tips

Comes with:

  • Bonus 10-page guide: Foods Containing Common Allergens
  • Bonus list: Substitutes for Common Allergenic Foods
  • Bonus 17-page guide: Vitamins and Minerals and the Foods Which Contain Them

"I have found the book really helpful, so many thanks"
J.Baker, UK.